“The Village” creates a real sense of community for our over 50’s residents.  We do not offer rental property and provide a range of services and facilities to ensure our residents can enjoy the relaxed lifestyle on offer.

If you own a home at The Village, and in future wish to sell, all capital gains will be retained by you the owner, meaning no exit fees and therefore no entry fee either.

You have the same protection as any other rental accommodation. An Agreement is enforceable against the purchaser and cannot be terminated unless you agree, or unless the Tribunal determines to do so because of a breach of the Agreement by you.

Yes, subject to approval by the park owner and Sunshine Coast Council.

Unfortunately not. Pets (belonging to visitors or residents) are not allowed within the village.

Your license fee covers up to 2 people. However, visitors can stay for 14 consecutive days of an individual stay and up to 42 days in any one calendar year. We may agree to this number or time period being exceeded for a special event of occasion.

If you are currently receiving a government pension you will receive rental assistance. If you are not currently receiving any assistance, we suggest contacting the government to see if you are eligible.

As a resident, you are protected by the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) act 2003. The site agreements are perpetual until termination by the home owner.

Home owners are responsible for public utilities such as electricity, water, telephone and insurances.

No. The only fee applicable is a weekly site license fee, which in turn allows you to occupy your site.


No. The Village welcome’s anyone over the age of 50. Whether you are retired or working is entirely your own business.